What is Followly?

About Followly 

Reimagining artistry through The Art of Things.

Throughout history, humans have always attempted to learn and share the art of making, creating, and expressing. Followly is a new Kuwait-based collective online store dedicated to the arts . Users can discover quality art items that celebrate creativity and craftsmanship. We connect artists with art enthusiasts seeking to discover various art forms.

As Followly we enthusiastically embrace the value of Arts as an expression and communication of ideas in various forms as a way to be motivated by a desire to create aesthetic beauty and to positively transform society. The Arts has no fixed boundaries and explores the world with an open mind.

Followly represents the words Follow and Owl.

The owl is a symbol of knowledge encouraging you to Follow your interests and passions, whether you are a professional, a serious hobbyist, or just starting out.

Visit our website to browse a variety of interesting items spanning various arts categories, created by passionate craftspeople.

“The mind and body connection of being engaged in a craft is something that’s little hard to find and prioritize in a lot of modern life”

As followly, we strive to support the art community and raise awareness on various art forms.