What is Followly?

About Followly Workshops

Reimagining learning experiences through The Art of Things.

Throughout history, humans have always attempted to learn and share the art of making, creating, and expressing. Followly is a new Kuwait-based collective Arts platform and one-stop destination for ongoing local workshops and club activities around the country that are exclusively in the Arts. Users can discover quality hands-on practical experiences art, creativity, and craftsmanship. We connect registered art hosts with learners seeking to discover an artform.

Is there a skill you are eager to master, simply try out or fine-tune? There's no better way than to be actively present in an immersive and interactive approach to learning. We believe that a stimulating ‘on-the-ground’ and face-to-face practical environment is vital to a creative adventure.

Perhaps you are a passionate Arts teacher or would simply like to share your craftsmanship with others from your studio - then you can register with Followly and start featuring your workshops with us. If you are an arts center hosting several workshops in your space and inviting a variety of teachers to conduct them, you can be a host and list all your arts workshops with us.

As Followly we enthusiastically embrace the value of Arts as an expression and communication of ideas in various forms as a way to be motivated by a desire to create aesthetic beauty and to positively transform society. The Arts has no fixed boundaries and explores the world with an open mind.

Followly represents the words Follow and Owl.

The owl is a symbol of knowledge encouraging you to Follow your interests and passions, whether you are a professional, a serious hobbyist, or just starting out.

Visit our website to browse a variety of interesting Arts workshops lead by passionate craftspeople and artists who are ready to share and teach their passion from within their creative studios.

“The mind and body connection of being engaged in a craft is something that’s little hard to find and prioritize in a lot of modern life”

How does it work?

Create your profile by registering with us and gain access to all bookable workshops guided by local artists sharing their passion and craft.

As a learner, simply identify your interests and hobbies via our search engine and you could find a workshop that will help gain practical experience and nurture your skills with the artist and master(s) teaching their artform and handcraft.

If you'd love to share and teach your art with others, simply sign up with us as a host and start customizing your profile and workshop pages for interested learners to find and learn about your art - be it in Visual Arts, Culinary Arts, Floristry, Performing Arts, Decorative Arts, or Digital Arts.

We do our best to provide learners with a variety of exciting, quality practical art experiences.

Follow something you love, explore a newfound zest!