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Risoprinting & Monoprinting with Visual Artist, Zarrin Shamsi - Monday & Tuesday

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Discover monoprinting and risoprinting with Visual Artist, Zarrin Shamsi, with this 2-day workshop! (You can click on Shamsi's profile on the left-hand side).

Shamsi's work mainly involves nature. She works with nature's objects as a form of expression be it emotions or memories.

What is Monoprinting?

Monoprinting is to make an impression on paper. It is a process whereby only one print is pulled from the printing plate. The resulting theme is the sustained etched image that is on all prints. This form of printing starts by the artist drawing on glass, wood, or smooth metal using paint. The surface is then pressed by hand onto absorbent paper. The pigment left on the plate is usually insufficient enough to produce another print. Any subsequent prints will invariably differ from the first one, because variations in repainting and printing are inevitable.

What is Risography?

Risography is a high-speed printing system, created by the Riso Kagaku Company for high-volume printing and photocopying during 80's Japan. Risography prints one color at a time from cylindrical drums, one color per drum. The drums can reproduce a variety of colors that other printers can't, including various gradients. By layering multiple colors at different opacities, many more colors can be produced. 

Your completed artwork is scanned to the computer, after which you have to make color separations for each color you want to print. This color separation process is done through illustrator. There is also a manual method of drawing on layers of paper, and scanning your work for print. 

There's a satisfying hand-made quality about the finished product!


You can bring some of your own supplies (if you have your favorite pens, pencils or papers :) and a laptop. However, all of the supplies that you will need will be available in the studio too.


Classes are non-refundable or you can replace it with another workshop of your choice.

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45 KWD

Date And Time
14 June 2021  03:00 PM-05:00 PM

  • 15 June 2021

Kuwait City, Al Adel Tower (Happy Crescent Bakery), 32nd Floor, WarshaGraph Studio


Seats 8

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