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A Message from the Founder, Hala Al-Awadhi.

Why Followly?
Experience Kuwait's online store for Arts and Craftsmanship
Connecting passionate craftspeople with art enthusiasts
"The Art of Things"

Have you ever felt eager to take up a hobby or interest, but didn't know where to start? I definitely have on many occasions. Perhaps you've always wanted to learn the guitar professionally, take up a passion in painting abstract landscapes, master that Taiwanese garlic chicken recipe or even experience a guide in food photography.  The most important thing is that,  you are able to put your imagination and ideas into something tangible. For this very reason, we emphasise the special quality of celebrating original art and craftsmanship.

This is why Followly came into existence. It's about building an effective online store that will bring together the art of creating and expressing in one destination. Our aim is to gather unique art forms to move people to think, to feel, and to act with the power of the Arts. It's all about freedom, creativity, and the community feeling.

We built this platform to support and promote artists, artisans, craftspeople, and all things art!

Our slogan, 'The Art of Things', is inspired by the notion that art is all around us. It can be experienced in cooking, in reading, in selecting that perfect plant for your home, in molding a piece of clay. Art is in everything. And that is what we celebrate on Followly.

So, what would you like to explore the art of?

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